Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat!


Ever wanted to practice your (agile) coaching skills? Heard about (agile) Coaching and want to see if it suits YOU?
Brush up on your (agile) Coaching? Learn something new or just want to have fun with other fanatics of the world of (agile) coaching?

Then Coach-Labs is the place to be!
In a safe environment you can learn (or teach) new coaching tools, and practice your own scenario or one of our scenario’s.

Facilitated by two experienced coaches, the whole group chooses which coaching techniques will be explained.
So you as a group will decide what the agenda of evening will be.

After explaining the techniques you get to choose from several scenario’s or get to bring your own.
In a small group, consisting of a Timekeeper; Coaché(és); Coach(es) an Observants you will practice and give each other feedback on the technique.
In the end we’ll all share our experience and learn from each other.

The only thing you’ll have to bring is you. (And a good mood 😉 that’d be nice too)

The take out:
All Participants will get tools handed to them to use in their agile coaching, based on their specific needs.
A shared learning experience.
Taught coaching techniques and will have experience using them. All participants leave prepared for their own specific scenario’s and hard situations at hand.
Participants build a network by connecting with peers and are invited to reach out to each other in future situations.
Understanding of team dynamics
Learn to (help others) step out of their comfort zone
Getting to the root cause of a difficult situation
Understanding of taking (personal) responsibility
Experience in interventions on team and individual level


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